The User section contains the following user guides:

Create a company

Join a company from within Kudoo

Join a company from an email invite

If you’re looking at guides for administrative tasks for a company, then please view the Administrator section

Create a new company

If you’ve just signed up for Kudoo and you haven’t been invited to join a company, you’ll be presented with the following screen.

Logged in and no company

From here you can create your own company. If you create a company you will automatically be the company owner. Being a company owner means you can do anything you like with that company. Even delete it!

Create company top part

Create company bottom part

In Australia Organizations are required to register for an ABN. If you have not registered for an ABN, you can do so here.

Please note that in Australia, by law if your company makes more than a certain amount, you need to register for GST.

You can check the limits here.

Join a company from within Kudoo

If the Organization you work for already uses Kudoo and you’ve already got a Kudoo account, then you can request access to join from directly within Kudoo. Just Login and then navigate to the Manage companies page.

Logged in and no company

If you then click on the Join new company button, you’ll be presented with a popup that allows you to join via two methods.

  1. Via an Access Code
  2. Requesting Access

To join via an Access Code, you’ll need the organization’s adminstrator or owner to have generated an access code

You can then enter the Access code and click Join company. You’ll now be added to the company in Kudoo.

Join with access code

If the organization you’d like to join hasn’t yet generated an access code for you to join via, then you can request access. This will then send an email to the company administrator or owner with a link to approve your access to the organization.

Request access to company

Join a company from an email invite

A company owner or administrator can invite users to their company, you will then have received an email invitation.

Kudoo email invitiation

If you then click on the Accept Invitation button, you’ll be automatically added to the Kudoo company.

Successfully joined company

You can see this by navigating to the Manage companies section and looking under the Joined companies section.