Working with Products

Kudoo currently has the following Products within the web application:

  • Projects
  • Health
  • Inventory
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing

You can choose which Products you’d like to include by editing src/security/index.tsx.

Under the const Products, specify which Products you’d like to include by specifying isAvailable to either true or false.

Adding menu items

To add menu items open src/security/menuItems.tsx

Under menu items you will see all the const for the Products

  • projectMenuItems
  • healthMenuItems
  • inventoryMenuItems
  • financeMenuItems
  • manufacturingMenuItems

There are some things to note about a Menu Item

name: This field is a string and will indicate what appears in the Menu Item order: This determines the order the menu item will appear availability: This will help to determine for which users this Menu Item is available for. There are a few different criteria you can specify:

  • country: [string];
  • security?: Array;
  • businessType?: Array; icon: This indicates the icon to use url: This is the URL to add. Currently this is located in Kudoo’s Shared Component repo under src/config/urls.js. So when you’re creating a new Menu Item, you’ll need to link it to a Screen. To do this you create the URL. isActive: This determines whether this MenuItem is active

Adding an icon

This will go through how to add an Icon to the application