Configuring the application

The main application can be configured using the kudoo.toml file located in the frontend folder.

Why did we choose toml over the more adopted yaml. Well have a read of this []. TLDR: We decided toml was more simpler than yaml

The toml file allows you specify the general skeleton of the application. So by editing the file you can specify:

Which apps you want to include

Which menu items you’d like to include in each app

What the security is for each menu item

This will be easier to show an example. Let’s say we only want to deploy the health application.

We will then mark isAvailable field to false for all the other applications TOML unavailable

This ensures those applications are not available.

Let’s say we now want to adjust the security of a menu item. All we do is adjust the availability TOML security

In the above screenshot we can see that Dashboard is only available to owners and admin users and companies from Australia.