Kudoo’s front end

All of Kudoo’s front end source code is hosted in a repo called Vizier. The source code is written predominantly in React.

Currently we have the following packages within Vizier

Kudoo’s back end

Kudoo’s back end source code is hosted in a repo called Menshen. The source code is written in Elixir.

We currently use GraphQL for our API.

To find out more, please visit one of the following links:



We currently host all of Vizier's packages on Netlify. We have tried numerous other solutions, including AWS S3 and Firebase but none of them give us the flexibility and ease of use of Netlify.

There are two ways to deploy Netlify. Through the Netlify web app or via the Netlify CLI.

Netlify App

We have setup Netlify to run a fresh build everytime a commit occurs on the stage branch. We have enabled automatic deployments for the following packages:

  • docs
  • storybook

Manual deployments occur on the following packages:

  • web
  • webapp

Login to Netlify

Netlify homepage

Click on the site you’d like to deploy

Netlify Site Overview

From here, navigate to the Deploys section.

Netlify Deploy screen

You can see there are multiple builds. Every time a commit occured on the stage branch a deploy is triggered in Netlify. We can choose a specific commit that we’d like to publish.

Deploy commit

Click Publish deploy

Publish deploy

The site is now live!

Netlify CLI

Enter the Terminal.

Navigate to the directory and then type Netlify deploy

Troubleshooting Vizier

Occasionally you may have issues with running yarn install on vizier

To resolve this you will need to remove the node_modules from shared and webapp packages rm -rfv node_modules/*

yarn cache clean

And then run yarn install again