Slack process

in this page /vizier/packages/webapp/src/Screens/index.js you will see all routes

in dev url: localhost:8082/#/integrations/slack/choose is working


The following steps need to be taken

  1. Update Netlify with Site down
  2. Menshen deployment
  3. Vizier PR from stage to master
  4. Update Netlify with latest vizier build

Update Netlify with Site down

Log into Netlify

Go into the webapp and then the deploys.

Drag and drop the files from vizier/packages/webapp/src/ServerDown to deploy the Site down

Menshen Deployment

Update Neflify with latest Vizier build

Manually deploy the latest version of Vizier

Restore Production database locally

all dumps are stored in: /home/jtrollip/app_backups/pg_dumps/ directory

to copy them use scp command like:

scp .

finally to import it use: psql -d menshen_dev < dump_prod_api01_2018-08-05_09-38-01_UTC.sql

Note: You need to drop and create database, before using dump - because there will be conflicting (same) triggers and other declarations, so it will look like:

mix ecto.drop

mix ecto.create

psql -d menshen_dev < dump_prod_api01_2018-08-05_09-38-01_UTC.sql